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What & why

Docsum is a document summary tool. Say for instance you are researching a topic and you have a several hundred pages per document you discover. Rather then reading all the text, a summary would be nice to have to determine the relevant parts of the documents, as well as across documents. This is what docsum is intended to do. The results of the search is will not be a list of links pointing to text in the relevant information, docsum will produce a summary document with the information you need based on your query.


Docum is driven by Python and MySQL. The web end is basic HTML and PHP. Via the command line (Python) or the web (PHP), the a user can generate summaries, post content, and perform other administrative stuff.


First off, docsum currently only handles plain text. Hopefully I can find some libraries pre-made to read files such as PDF and MS Word files. This tool should really be used for long documents you don't feel like reading, but you've looked the document over enough to realize it is relavant.


This project is developing and security is being added where possible. Please do not hack this site or the demo. Thank you.

If you would like to make security related suggestions, or actually contribute to the security of this project, please feel free to do so. You can start with a simple e-mail explaining suggestions, with sample changed code. Thanks.


This application tracks information about how the user uses the application. All actions such as page navigation, content added, topic searches, etc, might be tracked. Unless provided in this fashion, no personal information is stored for any purpose. All information gathered is for the improvement and development of this application. Logo
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